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Dime Monte Carlo: event generator for exclusive meson pair production via double Pomeron exchange

The enclosed standalone Fortran code provides public access to the Monte Carlo generator described in detail in:

L.A. Harland-Lang, V.A. Khoze, M.G. Ryskin
"Modeling exclusive meson pair production at hadron colliders"

Please reference this if you use the program for a publication.

The program currently generates unweighted events for central exclusive π+π-, π0π0, K+K-, K0K0, ρ0ρ0 and φφ production via the double pomeron exchange mechanism shown above and described in the corresponding publication. The ρ0 is then subsequently decayed via


While the φ is decayed via


Currently, these are distributed according to phase space only. Further details can be found in the code preamble.

Comments to Lucian Harland-Lang < l.harland-lang (at) ucl.ac.uk >.